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Has Someone Contacted You About a Guaranteed Offer on Your Home?

Has Someone Contacted You About a Guaranteed Offer on Your Home?
These are the types of imagery they use.
Humor me here…
I am tired of seeing homeowners leave money on the table!
In the past few years, there has been a massive push towards the advent of iBuyers…with “hassle-free” offers.
What are iBuyers? They are usually institutional investors, who are willing to purchase a property with very few contingencies, ALL CASH. They are in the business of fix-and-flips.
I believe it’s deceptive, because the ads are sometime accompanied by these words:
“Highest price”, “Best price”, “Hassle free”
But these companies are working to earn a massive profit margin. They are looking to take advantage of the homeowner who is distressed in some way (behind on payments, behind on taxes, property in disrepair).
In almost every case, I believe that my team could achieve a higher price by listing the property on the open market. And our fees are less too.
In my opinion, the only issues with tours/repairs are when the transaction is mismanaged by the listing broker. These are the hassles that homeowners are trying to avoid. Especially when your property shows yucky. A seller will never have an easy time bringing buyers through to tour the home.
My team specializes in the 1-weekend tour model.
That means if your home is priced right and marketed properly, you only need one weekend of tours to secure a contract.
Don’t be deceived!

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